Het uitstellen van de PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub was voornamelijk te danken aan technische problemen. Dat zegt Sony baas Shuhei Yoshida in een interview met Eurogamer.

Volgens Yoshida moesten grote delen uit de game helemaal opnieuw gemaakt worden, en dat nam nou eenmaal tijd in beslag.

“We’re excited with what DriveClub is now. Last year we were hoping to get it done, but there was a huge technical issue. So the team had to go back and re-engineer some parts of the game. That’s the reason it took so long. It’s almost a whole year, because the team went back to the drawing board in some of the key aspects of the game.”
“So, now what we have is a game the team has always imagined. I personally checked out other racing games at E3 and personally I was pretty happy. It’s a different kind of game compared to the other games you mentioned. I didn’t see any direct competition, from my perspective. I don’t know. People will tell us when it comes out.”

DriveClub zal op 7 oktober in de winkels komen te liggen.